Saturday, May 4, 2013

What a Saturday!!!

 What a Saturday!!!!

Man today was a crazy busy day filled with tons of memories that will last a life time.

We started the morning off with the kids in our bed watching cartoons while we got ready

Then we were off to cheer Jameson on at his last soccer game of the season.  That kid has some mad skills :)

Next we headed to the YMCA fields to watch Max play his last game of the season.  The Spurs have improved so much this year and I am so glad Max has a great coach.  This season Max has learned to handle the ball better and he is a great defender.  I am thinking he will be a great goaly one day.

After the game we joined the team at the coach's house for fun cook out and lots of playing.

We then ended the night at Granny's house!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Unscripted Moments

i LOVE the moments when you know there is no way you could scripted anything as awesome as this

 Max likes to talk to himself and pretend things while he is in bed at night trying to fall sleep.  Apparently he was pretending that he was shark boy because when he woke up he had a really cute shark fin on his head.  I love this boy he brightens my life so much.

My sweet Rylee moves to her own beat.  This girl decides to take her socks off and use them as gloves while we waited on Max in carpool line.  When I asked her to put those back on her feet she said no mommy I have stinky feet.  Then she lifted her feet up and told me to smell.  She is a fun mix of princess and tomboy.  She has added a special spark to my life and I love her so much.

While doing laundry these two come running into my room saying they were hunting lions.  Max is holding 2 flash lights which he calls numb-chucks and Rylee is carring a bug cage with some toy lions in it.  To top that off she is wearing a lady bug costume from her friend Mia and a baby headband she found.  They are not only dressed for the part but they are in full character mode.  The creativity these two have is amazing and when they join forces they are unstoppable.  I am loving these moments, but I am also a little nervous about what this creativity will bring in the future :) 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

In sickness and health ...

A little over 7 years ago this wonderful man vowed to love and be there for me in sickness and health.  Over the years he has held my hand and nursed me through runny noeses, bad coughs, and delivering his 2 kids.  However, the past four days I have been so sick and he was there with me every moment.   Tim took care of the kids, all their sports, family gatherings and made sure I got all my needed meds and such.  He is truly an amazing man and I am blessed to call him my husband and my best friend.  Thank you sweet heart for all that you do for me and our family I love you tons :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hold the fruit please

Fruit is not on the favorite foods list for Miss Rylee. She will eat any veggie that we give her, but she hates fruits. We started with apple sauce and it took a week to just finish one jar. Then we moved on to bananas thinking that she would like the sweeter puddling like stuff and she hated those too. The next week we did a blueberry and apple sauce combo. She took three bites and then physically refused to eat any more.

Rylee loves food so much, so we just couldn't believer her unwillingness to eat the yummy fruits. O well at least she eats the veggies :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Miss Rylee can now add sweet peas to her menu!!!

She got sweet peas today for the first time and she loved them. My little chunkster does love food. I think she would perfer some chicken nuggets and macaroni, but she will settle for her baby food for now.

All during lunch Rylee was loving her seet peas so much that she wanted to tell me how much. Everytime she talked sweet peas sprayed everywhere which made her laugh causing more peas to come out. I cannot believe my angel is eating baby food already!!!

We also increased her bottles to 7oz and I am hoping that she will go longer in between feedings. Right now she is eating 5 ------ 6oz bottles every 3 hours.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

big brother to the rescue

Max loves Miss Rylee so much that he is willing to do anything to protect her.

When I got home from work today Max wanted to go outside and blow bubbles. While we were outside I noticed Rylee had some ear wax in her ears so I decided to get it out. I laid Rylee down in my lap to get a better view of her ears and she wasn't happy about this. She decided to voice her dislike really loud. Max came running over very concerned. He told me Rylee was hurting and to stop making her cry. I explained to him what I was doing and that she was fine. Once I was done calming Max down I continued to get the ear wax. Well Rylee was not happy and got louder and louder. Max came running back over to me to check on her, but this time he decided to physically protect his sister. He kicked me in the leg and yelled stop hurting my baby sister. I found this act to be so sweet it kept me from getting mad that my son just kicked me.

I explained to him that I would never hurt him and Rylee and that sometimes babies cry. Once he was calm I then explained that he could not just kick me and that it hurt my leg. Max is so sweet he said he was sorry for kicking, but he doesn't like it when Rylee cries.

Max is an amazing brother and Rylee is so blessed to have a brother like him.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Circus Part 2

We wanted to make sure make got his circus fix so we took him to another circus the next night. This was the Shriners circus so it was little more done up. When we got there we took our picture with a clown and Max was not to happy about that. Then Max and daddy went to ride the ponies. That was a fun and exciting moment for my little man.

As we were waiting for the circus to start Mimi and Papaw took Max to get popcorn and a light up sword. Rylee decided she would just stay with us and nap :)
As the show started Max watched everything that happened. There weren't to many times when he would look away. He said he favorite part was the elephants and the man in the cannon.

I am so glad Max loved the circus. The circus was always a special place to me as a kid and I am excited I can share that joy with my little angel.